December 7, 2000


Windmill for December 7th - Pearl Harbor Day!

We survived the various themes, and PP HOWIE HENKES led the Pledge.  Before we began, he reminded us all that the 7th of December is indeed an important date in our history, plus remarking that after 60 years, there was still no Memorial to those who died in WW II. HOWIE is a combat veteran of that war.  The song kind of snuck up on us, being led by JACK HARRIS and accompanied by PP JIM DOWNIE.  It was advertised to be Oh Come All Ye Faithful, but turned out to really be Hark the Herald Angels Sing.  This early in the Season, none of us could really remember either set of words, so it came out OK.  Our second song, Jingle Bells, was better, accompanied as it was by several key rings and knife clanging - this to simulate bells, as I'm sure everyone recognized. Note that PP JIM is just back from some surgery, so his even
being there today was a gutsy thing to do. PDG ANDY ANDERSON gave the Invocation, based on My Road to Rotary, and stressing the continuing importance of memories.

While he did return to his seat, PDG ANDY then introduced his wife, Pat.  PP DOUG DESCH had as his guest, his niece, Kathy Phair, and DICK LITTLESTONE brought with him Colonel Edward Phelan, who is the new man in charge of the UCLA Air Force ROTC (along with his same responsibilities at Loyola-Marymount).  Col. Phelan is a command pilot with 2800 hours of flight time, and is a graduate of UCLA.   JIM GREATHEAD spoke about Carresa Carlstadt, who is with Meals on Wheels, and PP JIM COLLINS introduced Diana Brugerman and Victoria Sork, both on the staff at UCLA. GEORGE DEA had with him two of our Rotaract members, Yumi Hara and Jessica Lee, plus special guest Magda Khordoc, Director of Sales at the Holiday Inn at Sunset and the freeway.   BOB YOUNKER brought a special guest, Rob Aft, who is in the film business.  And while not introduced, because he arrived a tad late, Daryl Thompson was the special guest of ATHENA JACKSON.  Lots of guests - that's fun!

KEN KILPO made a presentation to Carresa Carlstadt, of Meals on Wheels - our check for $300.00 for their continuing  Family members of WVRC who deliver for Meals on Wheels include the JACK HARRIS'S,  JIM SUMNERS, COLLINS, WOLFE'S, STU GILMAN, GREATHEAD'S, and BLEAKS.  At the same time, it was announced that WVRC has joined the WLA Chamber of Commerce, as suggested by KEN. Coach and PP BOB WESSLING reminded us that there would be Past Presidents meeting following our luncheon January 25th to finalize the workings of our WVRC Foundation.

Don't forget the Rotary Auxiliary meeting next week on the 13th, at the BLOOMFIELDS.
MIKE YOUSEM reminded us all that those helping with the Venice Boys & Girls Club Shopping Spree should report on time at 6:15 - and if you have an attendance problem, please let MIKE know as soon as you find out about the problem, OK?  We have received a letter of resignation from BILL WALTERS.  And for those of you who remember Rusty and PP LYMAN POWELL, they have sent their annual newsletter, and if you would like a copy, please contact YOE.  The Bell Tolled, for JIM COLLINS, who was nicked for $100 because of his fundraising activities in support of the Hospitality School at Cal Poly Pomona.  JIM founded this school, which meets a real need in the business world.

JIM then introduced our speaker, Dr Wyatt R. Hume, Executive Vice Chancellor at UCLA, who was subbing for Chancellor Al Carnesale.  The Chancellor was suddenly called to Sacramento, to be the recipient of a check for $100 MILLION dollars - this to be used in the Biological and Physical Sciences at UCLA.  Editorial Note - at least that puts a relative price on the payoff for
speaking to WVRC, and YOE is sure it was a close decision.  Anyway, Dr. Hume was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, where he graduated with a degree in Dentistry, and a PhD in Pharmacology.  He has taught at the University in San Francisco, and has been at UCLA for most of his career.  He is in charge of the Academic side of UCLA, and is second in command at this campus.

Dr. Hume began by crediting the COLLINS wide-ranging support for UCLA, mentioning in particular their named academic building at the Anderson School, and Carol's donation of one million dollars to the University Elementary School, of which Carol is an alumnus - as are both of YOE's kids, by the way… He then provided some excellent statistics - UCLA's library is the second-largest college collection (Harvard is first), and we are the most thousand applications for the freshman class, l0,700 were admitted, and 40% of those accepted.  Their average CPA was 4.05 (Advanced Placement classes count extra, and their average here was 14.7 such courses), with a 1277 SAT score.  As an entering freshman, you are guaranteed campus housing for your
first two years - after that, you must move out.  UCLA also brings in more juniors as transfers than any other University - and they are guaranteed a year of on-campus housing. We are primarily a residential college, with 50 % of students living at UCLA and another 8,000 housed nearby.  DeNeve dorm will be built in the former parking lot in Westwood, providing 839 apartments for graduate students.  UCLA is actively engaged with 58 local high schools, helping their students with counseling to qualify for admission, and they have established five Community Resource Centers for this same purpose.  And in support of the value of college athletics, he noted that UCLA is 2nd nationally in the records of the Sears Cup, given each year to the school
with the best overall athletic program.  We had five NCAA titles last year, and our women's teams had an average 3.5 GPA - these really are Student Athletes!

Major retrofitting has been going on since the 1992 earthquake, with Royce and Kinsey, plus the Library now completed, and Haines, Physics and Astronomy and the Broad Art Center underway.  The new Hospital, designed by I.M. Pei is under construction, on time, and under budget.  We are completing the most successful fundraising campaign ever for a public university, having raised $330 million this past year alone.  The goal has been raised to $ l.6 billion, and $l.34 of that is 'in the can' as they say, with almost two years to go.

Q & A - The new hospital will be fully operational in 2004 - but remember that the present hospital will continue to function fully until the newuates and 10,000 graduate students at UCLA now, and this proportion will be maintained.  They project a 12 to 13% growth rate, which must be accommodated as it comes along.  There are about 30 'regional' medical centers operated by UCLA, and they own the practice, so the doctors there are employees.  They are obeying Prop 209 (?) which bans affirmative action, by expanding outreach - which of course is legal.  Private institutions have no such legal restrictions, and thus are attracting more minority students. Out-of-state students are admitted on the same basis as California residents, but they pay a stiff out-of-state additional fee. Wow, this was a resource-packed talk, Dr. Hue - but we certainly enjoyed the overview. Thank you.

Thought for the Day - "Remember, remember always that all of us…are descended from immigrants and revolutionaries"  Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

                                YOE, Ernie Wolfe