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Kevin Badkoubehi
September 27, 2007   

Jack Weiss

Angi Ma Wong

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October 4
Los Angeles City Councilman, Jack Weiss
Jack Weiss was elected to the 5th District of the City Council in June 2001 and reelected on March 8, 2005. The district includes parts of the San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles. Much of Jack Weiss’ legislative program is dedicated to improving the City’s ability to prevent disasters and respond to emergencies, particularly through improved local homeland security. In 2002 he wrote “Preparing Los Angeles for Terrorism – A Ten-Point Plan” which is among the most thorough assessments of local threat preparedness in the nation. In 2002, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) selected him as the “New Democrat of the Week” to recognize his leadership on local security, and he was named one the “100 New Democrats to Watch” in 2003.

October 12-15
Kansas City Barbeque and Branson, Missouri -
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October 9
Children's Books
Children's books will be discussed at the first regular meeting of the Westwood Village Rotary Club's Auxiliary. The speaker, Angi Ma Wong, from the Palos Verdes Sunset Rotary Club, will bring some of the children's books she has written and share them with Auxiliary members. Literacy is the Rotary District's theme this year and Auxiliary members can bring children's books to be donated to youths, according to Eloise Siskel and Kathie Gauld, Auxiliary co-presidents. The meeting, starting at 11:30 a.m., will be in the home of Peggy Bloomfield, 1262 Corsica Drive, Pacific Palisades. To make a reservation please call either Peggy or Margie Downie, Auxiliary treasurer. The Auxiliary is the District's only group for Rotary members' spouses. All Westwood Rotarians and their spouses are invited to all the meetings.

Our District Governor — Quite a Guy, on Sept 27th at WVRC
CLAWSON BLEAK led us in the Pledge, first cautioning us to put our hands over our hearts, whatever its condition. This brought up LENNY FRIEDMAN, and we provided America the Beautiful.  I gave the Invocation, which came from a book called Talking to God, by Naomi Levy – and which I checked out, guess where, but #71 L.A. Public Library Westwood. There once was a wise rabbi named Zusia. On his deathbed, he began to weep. His disciple asked him, “Rabbi, why do you weep?” ”When I get to heaven, I won’t be troubled if God asks me why I wasn’t Abraham, or Moses. I was not endowed with the righteousness of Abraham or the faith of Moses. But what will I say when God asks me, 'Zusia, why were you not Zusia?'  There is greatness lying dormant inside each and every one of us.  There is goodness and generosity and imagination and wisdom. Every human being is endowed with a unique ability to bring a ray of salvation to some corner of this world. Are we living up to our promise?"

There were a number of spouses present.  SUNNY was with LENNY, CHRIS was lent support by SHARON, PAT brought ANDY, HELEN came with RALPH, SHIRLEY arrived with PETER, MARGE was with us, assisted by SLOSS, ED brought CATHY and HENRY was with ANNIE. MARIE ROLF and ELOISE SISKEL were at our table.  We also had three Special Guests – MARK ROGO came with Mark Kruase, the new Senior Minister at Westwood Hills, NICK KAHRILAS introduced Shawn Heilbron, who is with the UCLA Athletic Dept, and former member RON KLEPETAR was the guest of PP STEVE SCHERER.  In addition to our Speaker, District Governor David Moyers, two of his helpers were with us, Governor’s Aide Doug Wilson from Bellflower and Assistant Governor, Earle Vaughn from Wilshire.  It’s fun to have all these guests.

SLOSS VIAU came forward, since MARGE was present, to thank the Club for their prayers, cards and support.  He reminded us that MARGE was in Intensive Care for six weeks, and after a month at a nursing facility, is once again at home. He is taking a Medical Leave of Absence for the 4th Quarter, and would very much appreciate anyone picking up the threads of our relationship with the Salvation Transitional Village on Sepulveda, and The Haven on the VA Grounds.  We have shared our Clothing Drive results with these two groups – and a little bird told me that he has his eye on one of our newer members, KEVIN BADKOUBEHI. A word of advice here, KEVIN:  being recommended by SLOSS is pretty special.

PP STEVE DAY was called on the carpet to explain his recent absence from WVRC. Seems he and Marsha just had the 20th Anniversary of their marriage, and they took off for somewhere.  First, he claimed they went West, then that it was one of the fifty states, and finally had to admit they were in Hawaii for a week. With some prodding, he claimed that he actually made up at a Rotary Club – the name escapes me. Then the negotiation began over the Fine. Since this was their 20th, @$5.00 a year, that comes to an even one hundred big ones.  On the related subject of visiting Rotary Clubs, new member STEVE PETTICE reported the made up at the Brentwood, Illinois Club, and the speaker was the author of several James Bond yarns (whose name no one was sure of).

CHRIS introduced our Speaker, District Governor David Moyers. He grew up in Illinois, and the family moved here in 1973.  We learned that he was once in the travel business, but changed careers upon coming to California. His real estate business in the South Bay has been outstanding, and as long ago as 1986 and 1989, David was named the Realtor of the Year.  His many leadership positions within Rotary include Chairing the Paul Harris Celebration, the District Conference, District Membership, and the District Breakfasts. He has been a member of the Convention 2008 Committee since – get this – 1999! CEO CHRIS presented DG Moyers with a check for his New Generation Program, which was nicely received.

Before he began his speech, Governor Moyers noted that he had a particularly important and pleasant duty to perform.  He then noted that he had a presentation to make, and asked RALPH BEASOM to come forward. Applause, here.  Governor Moyers read from the Plaque, “The Rotary History and Heritage International Fellowship recognizes Dr. Ralph D. Beasom for fifty years of service to Rotary, commitment to the ideal of Service Above Self, dedication to the objectives of Rotary, and for contributing to its growth and development. Dated September 26th 2007.” This commerates his fifty years as a member of WVRC, and resulted in a rousing Standing Ovation, which continued!

Governor Moyers is once again impressed with the generosity of members and of clubs, and our check for the New Generation is an example of what Rotary really is. He again thanked us, noting that this was the first check presented directly to him. Governor Moyers then acknowledged the success and accomplishments of PDG BILL GOODWYN and PDG ANDY ANDERSON. He and BILL have known each other for a long time, and when David was President of Palos Verdes Sunset, ANDY was HIS Governor! He pointed out that when ANDY saw him perform in 1994, probably no one could have been more surprised that he, David, had joined this select group!

Governor David began his more formal speech by reminding us of his Team of almost seventy-five Rotarians who help him to carry on the District business.  This team includes the current Club Presidents, plus Executive Aide Doug Wilson from Bellflower and Assistant Governor Earle Vaughn from Wilshire, who is responsible for Club Service. He asked how many of us have attended an International Assembly. This is a meeting for District Governors Elect, and he attended the recent one in San Diego. He and the other 528 DG Elects learned a lot, and for the first time were told the new R.I. President’s theme. It was Rotary Shares, and this confirmed David’s instinct as to where he should lead District 5280 during 2007-08. He believes that life is a Journey, and we can and should share Rotary as we go along. Remember, when you share Rotary with someone new, you are offering them the gift of Service Above Self. For many people, who are missing one of the great joys of life, learning to share, as we do in Rotary, adds an important dimension to their life. Share your time, your talent, your resources, your energy, your money and share your love! That’s what we do in Rotary.

Let’s look at some of the ways Westwood Village Rotary shares. The Salvation Army Families at Christmas – how many of you have actually participated in this program? A lot of hands went up, and Governor David reminded us that that could be our Rotary Moment. This could be the first time you come face to face with someone you don’t know, doing something for them – and that’s rewarding. The Westwood Village Library, the BioSands Filtration Project, and WAPI, shipment to the soldiers in Iraq, awards to the police officers and the several ROTC units, the firefighters – this is how we are sharing Rotary, right here in Westwood.

He enlarged on the theme of a Rotary Moment. He, his wife, and a number of Rotarians and spouses recently went to Costa Rica on a Wheelchair Project. As they were waiting to see who would be receiving their wheelchair, a teenager, holding a small child in her arms, came along. The teenager's mother, or grandmother, was with her – but it still wasn’t clear who the wheelchair was for, since they all appeared to be ambulatory. It turns out the 2-year old child, Eddie, was the recipient. His legs are growing in a way that will never allow him to walk, but when he was placed in this fire engine red chair, he knew something good was happening. At two years of age, Eddie’s eyes locked on to the eyes of David’s wife, and he would not look away. “This is a good day – something good is happening.” Eddie’s grandmother hugs Mrs Moyers and says, “You are our angel – you are our angel.” This was a true Rotary Moment – not the first for the Moyers, but one they will never forget. We all need to share what it really means to understand Service Above Self.

Governor David just learned today that the Paul Harris Celebration Dinner was started by our own PDG BILL GOODWYN, and this has raised millions of dollars for the Rotary Foundation. Big applause, here. The reason we went to CBS was because David’s brother-in-law was the President of CBS Studios.  So this year, he figured, he could go anywhere he wanted- and it’s CBS once again!  The Foundation is a wonderful way to share Rotary – you may not have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with someone who needs help.  When you give to the Rotary Foundation, you are giving to people you will never see, but they need help, and you are changing their lives, one person at a time. That’s what Rotary is all about – sharing.

Vocational Service is an opportunity for Rotarians to do business with other Rotarians. Later this year we will be coming out with our eYellow Page. This will help to remind all that in business there is an ethical standard, and that we adhere to the Four Way Test. He spoke about Rotaract, a program for 18 to 30 year olds to become familiar with Rotary – and hopefully, to become members when they can afford it. This means that Rotaract will be part of Youth Avenue of Service, plus Vocational Service  Avenue. If we support them today, they’ll be Rotarians tomorrow. Community Service is the opportunity to share Rotary locally. The District has a Program called the Brush with Kindness. It is not building a new home for somebody, but repairing an existing home – which the present occupant cannot afford to do. This will occur from Oct 28th through November 2nd, the so-called Jimmy Carter Work Week. International Service has a Project in Panama, January 18th to the 21st, centered on wheelchairs.  You can see some beautiful country, travel with Rotarians, and have your own Rotary Moment.

He asked how many of us have attended a District Conference – and noted that this one would be a ‘first’.  The reason is because it will be in February, and it is so early because of the Convention coming in June. The dates are Feb 8th –10th, in Newport Beach at the Hyatt Newport. Not too many of us have registered for the 2008 Convention, which brought up the subject of the last Convention in LA in 1962. JIM COLLINS was President, and he often comments about being grateful for the bus ticket to downtown that he received for attending as our President!  He’ll have to pay this time, by golly!

The time before that was 1922, and Jim hastily called out that he “wasn’t there.” Again, great hilarity. There is a Four Way Test for the Convention: 1. Register; 2. Buy Host Event Tickets; 3. Be a Host – and we are well underway on that; 4. Volunteer in some way – we want to be the friendliest Rotarians the world has ever known. The last event for this Rotary year will be June 21st, featuring both the outgoing PLUS the incoming Club Presidents. Held at the Wilshire Grand, It should be a One-For-The Book event.

Governor David had one final request for our consideration. He is suggesting that we try to talk to one new person each day about Rotary. Share Rotary – and if you do that, you’ll find members wanting to be part of this organization.  He concluded with a quote from Will Rogers – You can be on the right track, but if you’re not moving forward, you’ll get run over! And Thank You, DG David Moyers, for an excellent presentation.

CEO CHRIS liked this so much he also presented a Will Rogers quote –
There are two theories to arguing with a woman…neither works.

—YOE, Ernie Wolfe


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