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January 31, 2008   

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February 14

February 17

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February 7
Luncheon Speaker
Radio Talk Show Host Lores Rizkalla

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February 14
Spouse's Day
Sue Hodson, Curator of Literary Manuscripts, Huntington Library
and our own Curt Smith, "Smith on Wry: Jack Smith, Columnist for Our Times"

February 21
Dan Hildebrand
Eco-Shell Buildings

February 28
Craft Talks
Lorin Ruttenberg and Aly Shoji

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February 17
Sweetheart Valentine Brunch
Lawry's Beverly Hills, 12:30pm

This Week...
January 31, 2008
The meeting came to order promptly with both President Chris and the microphone operating nicely.

I’m sorry, but I must stop here and explain today's details were covered at the last minute by Mark Block. Because of a critical afternoon commitment, he asked if I would take his notes and assemble the Windmill. With neither pen nor paper, I cut my finger, and used the tablecloth, to clarify some details, but the waiters wouldn’t let me take it home. So here goes with what we have:

Steve Pettise led us thought the Pledge of Allegiance and Lenny Friedman guided our group through ‘America.’ We sang it as children and continue today, but now with an understanding of the patriotic lines.

Sherry DeWane gave the invocation and presented a 1600’s quote from Charles Colton entitled The "Present Time." Our notes include an interpretation saying "Pleasure is the chief good in life".

Bill Goodwyn introduced Judi Goodwyn , Reverend Getachew Bezabih (Kenya and Los Angeles) Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Dammann of the Stendahl Galleries in Los Angeles. and Richard Sandifer of Los Angeles.

Sheri DeWane’s guests included Doug Achtemeier, VP of the Northern Trust Co. and Yvonne Phillips, VP of Wealth Management.

Visiting Rotarians were Peter Weinberger and Ken Chong, both members from LA 5.

President Chris re-announced The Sweetheart Brunch, scheduled for February 17, and asked for a response to the invitations sent out.

Ed Gauld asked for a response from those who would be hosts for the home-hospitality provided during the Rotary Convention in June.

Elliott Turner announced a Wapi assembly for April 19, the place to be announced.

There was some confusion created when Steve Scherer invited John Singleton to tell about a big event on Sunday. John blurted out that it was Leo Tseng’s 80th Birthday, which of course got Leo nailed with a fine for spending 55 straight years with Merrill Lynch and to reaching 80. That’s $135.00 big ones, Leo.

Next, President Chris launched a five question quiz on Rotary. There was nothing in it for the winner, but a 100 dollar fine for the loser. Elliott Turner, who wasn’t fast enough in getting away from the microphone, got nailed. The questions were really tough, and Elliott, always ahead of the game, prepaid the fine.

The talk, given by Bill Goodwyn, was based on a twenty-one day trip by private jet, logging 66 ? hours in the air, 33,000 miles, four continents, and 11 cities.

The itinerary included Sapporo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Deli, Nairobi, Cameroon, Madrid, Edinburg, Bangor, and Atlanta.

Goodwin reports the Asian countries have exploding populations, with economies growing at 8 to 11% but their countries have very few natural resources.

Since 9/11, a WW III has developed between the "have and have-not" nations, and many of the have-nots are competing with each other for those resources. The competition for oil, water, copper. steel, cement, fertilizer, grain etc. will change the economic landscape around the world and the front lines will be the mines and transportation systems, rather than the financial markets.

The real cause of turmoil and chaos in Kenya (which is not being reported in the West) is the Islamic encroachment by Islamic countries who will stop at nothing to gain a foothold in Sub- Saharan Africa and its natural resources.

We are no longer living in an age of abundance; "Tomorrow will not be as this day." The American public has no clue as to conditons on the other side of the Pacific and its ultimate impact on our way of life and standard of living.

Please note: An abbreviated version of Bill Goodwyn's speech will be on our website. If you do not have Internet capability, please contact either Ron Lyster or Jim Downie to receive a printed copy.

—Guest Editors, Mark Block & Jim Downie


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