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  Michael Newman

May 24, 2012  


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May 31
Yosh Setoguchi
“My Medical Practice with Shriners Hospital”

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June 7
Ying Nian Wu
Professor- UCLA

This Week...

May 31
Yosh Setoguchi
"From University High to WVRC; My Medical Practice Today with Shriners Hospital"
**Also Cadet Edson Diaz will show off his ROTC Saber  Award presented by PP Steve Scherer


June 7
Ying Nian Wu- Professor, UCLA
"NTD TV- An Independent Station Delivering Uncensored Chinese News, Chinese Culture, and Performing Arts"

June 12
Rotary Auxiliary Meeting
Installation of New Officers

June 23
Ed Jackson’s Demotion Party
Beach Club- Santa Monica


Our May 24 Rotary meeting started with the observance of Promote International Convention Month.  The pledge was led by Andrew Sacks, and the invocation was given by Rev. John Woodall.


No visiting Rotarians, the word must be out, but we had many guests.


Guests of Rotarians: Shauna McManus and Carol Collins, with Jim; David Swatt, guest of Mark Rogo; Arnold Anisgarten, guest of Steve Day; Nancy MacNeill, guest of Homer Newman; Alex Smith, guest of Steve Scherer; Mike and Nancy Rouse, guests of Mark Block.  Nick Kahrilas, Jane Mulato, with Peggy Bloomfield and Jonathan Wee, Husband of Leah Vriesman.


Head Table: Jim Collins; our speaker, Ben Howland; Don Nelson; Pres. Ed Jackson his special guest, Andrew Sacks; and Colby Smith.


Announcements: Past President Ed Gauld is back home, give him a call.

Member Birthdays:

-      Patricia Bumpas - May 04

-      Sally Brant - May 14

-      Marsha Hunt - May 14

-      Pauline Harris - May 23


-      Colby Smith and Stacie - 1 year, May 21 

-   Mark Rogo and Lynn - 36 years, May 23

 Membership Anniversaries:

-      Thomas Barron - 5 years, May 01

-      Pauline Harris - 2 years, May 01

-      Donald Park - 44 years, May 01

-      Marjorie Downie - 3 years, May 14

-      Margaret Lewis - 3 years, May 14

-   Myron Taylor - 42 years, May 14

-      William Goodwyn - 38 years, May 20

-      James Herren - 2 years, May 21

-      Jack Paul - 2 years, May 27


Pres. Ed reminisced about how, when he was in junior high and Uni High School, it seemed that everyone’s parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters were all affiliated with UCLA.  Ed met UCLA basketball coach John Wooden when Ed was in the eighth grade.  And Uni has a large list of former UCLA basketball players, starting with Ed’s first two coaches, Courtney Borio and Tom Anderson.  When Ed was in 11th grade, his coach called Johnny Wooden every day, asking how he should set up the team’s offense to have a successful year.  Andy Hill and Casey Corliss, Ed’s teammate, won three national championships at UCLA.


Pres. Ed also mentioned how he played for George Raveling at Washington State.  At a media day, Coach Raveling was asked why he was always running up and down the sidelines, why he couldn’t sit down calmly like John Wooden and roll up his program.  Coach Raveling answered that if he had John Wooden’s talent, he probably would sit down relaxed.  President Ed said that he’s noticed the last few years that Coach Howland has been up on the sidelines more than usual.  He wanted to know whether, since Coach Howland now has the number one rated Basketball class in the nation, would he be sitting down more?


Jim Collins introduced Coach. Ben thanked Carol and Jim Collins for their support.


Ben Howland already will go down in the Hall of Fame for coaches with his ability to get three championship teams in a row to the Final Four. Only John Wooden has done this and more.  When you look at his former players who are now pro basketball players making an impact in the NBA, Coach Howland definitely goes down in history as a great assessor of talent.


Coach is proud of his students becoming NBA all-stars.  He is also proud that many of his students who left college early for the NBA are still taking classes during the summer to earn their degrees.


Coach Howland is looking forward to melding last year’s team with the four incoming McDonald’s All-American freshmen.


Thank you, Ben, for taking the time sharing the details of an exciting upcoming year that will see you opening the season in a New Pauley Pavilion.  Good Blessings, Coach.

—YOE Ed Jackson

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