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  Dwight Heikkila & Ed Jackson

August 2, 2012  

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August 9
Manny Pacheco
“Forgotten Hollywood”


August 16
John Maceri
“Inside Homelessness”

This Week...

August 9
Manny Pacheco
“Forgotten Hollywood”


August 16
John Maceri
“Inside Homelessness”
**Community Service Committee Meeting immediately following

August 23
Tore Knos, PhD
“Update from Sudan”

September 9
District Picnic
Redondo Beach, Seaside Lagoon

There was a lot of excitement and noise before the meeting today, as Tommy Hawkins, famous Notre Dame and Laker basketball star pick-and-rolled around the room shaking hands.  Though he’s way past Medicare, he’s still very quick for a big guy and still rebounds better than most poets.

PP Ron Lyster got us started smartly with the flag salute and Aly Shoji provided the invocation.  PP Edwin Gauld stepped up to lead us in “God Bless America,” showing us he’s still got the pipes. 

Pres Dwight’s announcement of the District Picnic to be held September 9 at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach elicited the usual amount of unabashed enthusiasm from the crowd.  A few members are planning to attend the annual Literacy Breakfast at Lawry’s on August 10—at least those who can read.

PP Steve Day (Foundation Chair) received a similar non-response regarding Dodger’s Game Night for Polio Plus on September 15, though he pumped the evening event mightily.  Seems like a chance to get on the infield is worth a $10 lottery ticket, so maybe we can get a couple of cars going.

But all eyes were on Tommy, so Pres Dwight hustled up an intro and gave him the mike.  It turns out that Tommy, who lives in Malibu, is involved with many groups and activities at UCLA and throughout LA  and probably qualifies as a Bruin even though he was a two-year All-American for Notre Dame.  He’s certainly qualified as a story teller as he began telling us about his “glory days “ as a Laker.  After starring in the NCAA tournament for Notre Dame (ND’s first African-American star player) and feeling like the “King of New York,”  his dismal arrival in Los Angeles was on a late night Greyhound.  The Lakers had low visibility in Dodger Town (what’s a Laker?)  and had to send their players out on buses with loudspeakers to drum up attendance.  When Tommy joined the other centers for practice, the coach quickly told him he would now be a forward-a position he had never played.

Add to this the Boston Celtic domination of the Sixties, Tommy had a great opportunity to develop humility with the Lakers.  Once his playing career was over, he was hired by the Dodgers, where humility was in short supply.  He developed a fierce competition (and friendship) with Tommy Lasorda over 18 years.  When Hawkins  was recognized as Notre Dame Alumnus of the Year in ’99, he left the beautiful trophy on LaSorda’s desk when he was out with a note saying “Top this!”  The next day, Hawkins found his trophy, face down, back on his own desk with a magnificent Commendation from the Pope (to Lasorda) placed on top!

Not content with the front office and broadcasting activities, Tommy has moved on to completing a beautiful “coffee table” book of his own poetry and some exquisite art—“Life’s Reflections-Poetry for the People.”  A lot of members were happy to have him sign their new books and happy to hear his stories.  He’s a very talented and likeable man who saw a lot of sports history unfold.

—YOE Dwight Heikkila

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