A Miracle Has Happened

In a peaceful area of Western Uganda there is a small town called Nyakabuingo.  This small town has no particular distinction. There is no electricity, no plumbing and no permanent structures.  But for some reason, beyond the knowledge of mere mortals, orphaned children started making their way there. 


Orphans were showing up in the town from nearby, far away, and everywhere in-between.  The children were orphaned because of AIDS, War, Lack of Medical Care, and the hard life that exists for most of the people in Uganda.  So many orphans started showing up in this town that the residents decided they needed to do something about it.  Without any help from the Ugandan Government, without any help from USAID, without any help from the United Nations, (who of course had their vans going through the town all the time, but never really noticed the town,)  the people of the town decided to build a school for the orphans. 


The people looked around to see what they had.  They had mud and sticks.  So they built a school out of mud and sticks.  And as they were building the school, more orphans started showing up.  So they built another school building.  Now, they have three school buildings.  And 240 children….So Far.


One of the Buildings More Students


The school was originally made of temporary structures, being mud and sticks.  But the children were happy to be there.

When it is time for the children to leave school, the people in the town let then come to their homes to sleep. Sometimes the children walk for long distances to get to the home where they can stay.


The children of course needed teachers for the school.  But the people of the town did not worry about that…They built the buildings, and the teachers came.  The teachers left other schools where they were paid a nice salary (In Uganda Standards) to come teach at the mud and stick school for orphans.  The teachers were not getting paid anything, but now they receive a small stipend because of the few sponsors we have been able to get..  But they are doing what they know is important to do.


The children learn Math, Science, History, Literature, Social Studies and English.  But they didn’t have books – but they did find chalk boards.

And the Children Learned.


The Heros Chalk Board
Little Girl


While I was there, a little girl, about 7 or 8, came walking up to the school.  She was scared and hungry.  She said her father had died and her mother had been very sick for a long time.  Two day ago, her mother told her it was time for her to go look for the school that takes orphans.She walked for two days, by herself, through Africa to find this school.  The teachers took her and gave her some food and then started trying on uniforms.


TRYing on Uniforms Much Happier Now

She looks much happier now.  One of the teachers told me, she looks happier because she feels safe with the uniform on. The big problem now is feeding 240, Oh, as of today, about 400 children….and Counting  Everyday,….Breakfast and Lunch.


The School Kitchen

The Kitchen 

I asked the head master how much money it cost to feed the children breakfast and lunch everyday.  He asked me if that was “with meat or without meat.”  I said “with meat”.  He said that with meat twice a week, it would cost $1500 American Dollars a month.  So then I had an idea…IF… twelve  Clubs, Churches, Temples, Rotary Clubs, Schools, whatever sort of organizations would raise $1500 once a year…..That would buy a months worth of  lunch and breakfast.  So, twelve Groups  would buy a year’s worth of breakfast and lunch.   And THAT would buy us time…


Time to develop some infra structure, time to get some sponsors for the children, time to build  more stable buildings, we have already built a new building for school classes, (Fanton Hall) because the old one was falling down from the rain…maybe even time to build a dormitory, or two. 


So, if anyone is interested in REACHING OUT to this community and telling people you already know about this school for Orphans, that would be a GOOD Thing, a Very GOOD Thing.


Some of the People Who Built the School Love with Green Shirt

 These people, and their fellow townsmen, and women,  built a school with their own hands, out of mud and sticks.  On one of the windows, I saw what the school is really made of.


You can make a donation to: Uganda Development Initiative

Got to:   www.udiworks.org

$250 a year will sponsor a child’s education for a full year.  You can create a miracle, too.


(And yes, this is a 501(c)3 non profit organization you will be mailed a receipt for tax deductions )


You can call Marsha Hunt at     310-500-9828 (cell)  or 310-209-8465 (home)     for more information.

You can also e-mail me at   marsha4uganda@yahoo.com


If you would like me to come speak to your Rotary Club, Church, Temple, School, Reading Club, Bridge Club, Office, City Council, anywhere at all, just let me know, I will be there…Where Ever in the World You Are – I will be there.


 This is a BIG World, and I am sure there are TWELVE  Clubs or groups out there that can make this once a year commitment.




THANKS,  For Being Part of this Miracle

And Please…Spread the word, send this on to your Friends and Clubs.


AND Guess What!!!



It had to be rebuilt.   When a structure is made of mud and sticks, after a few years of rain….well, you get the picture.  Nyakabyngo is now a strong, sturdy building with a proper roof and cement floors.   It was rebuilt with donations, mostly from wonderful people from like YOU.   People just like you.   Believe me, for the children who go to school there….A MIRACLE WAS CREATED.  But The kids still need to eat, get an education and need books and uniforms and we need to pay the teachers.  A $250  donation, once a year will totally change the life and future of a child.  YOU can Create a Miracle in the life of a child.  Please go to   www.udiworks.org

You can make a donation via Visa, American Express, Master Card, Pay Pal.  And, we will bring you back a picture of the child you have created a miracle for. 



Marsha Hunt