Welcome to the Friendly
Westwood Village Rotary Club
Meeting Thursday noon at the UCLA Faculty Center
480 Charles E. Young Drive East, Los Angeles, California 90095  USA
Vocational Service
Jim Crane, Chair

The purpose of this avenue is to stimulate every club member to exemplify and share the ideal of service with all his associates in business or profession. Committees functioning within this avenue:

  1. Employer-Employee Relations: Promotes efforts to improve relationships with employees based on justice, frankness and service.

  2.  Occupational Information: Makes available information concerning occupations to young people who are choosing a career.

  3. Trade and Professional Relations: Strives to improve standards of honesty and courtesy in business and professions.

  4. Buyer-Seller Relations: Seeks ways to improve the relationship between buyer and seller in the community.

  5. The Four-Way Test: Promotes the use of the Four-Way-Test among members.

Our main missions this year are all about helping kids, whether to 1. stay in school, 2. excell in speaking, art, and music and 3. relate to the world they are preparing to experience and be participants in helping them choose their correct vocation. The ways we are helping is to 

1.     Create a Speech, Art and Music competition for kids in the WVRC area, with the idea being to send our winners to the District Competition for each area.

2.     Work with the 5 schools within Uni High School to bring in speakers to their classrooms that can help them understand and relate to real people who work in those areas. Because a lot of the children are minoities, they often have only the exposure to their chosen "school/concentration" that their instructors bring and that is clearly not enough. They need outside stimulation from engineers, architects, computer programers, digital media professionals, all types of business people, philanthropists etc.

3.     Hopefully invole our Interactors and Rotaractors get involved with our our objectives and contribute to our programs.