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Westwood Village Rotary Club

Past Presidents




1929-30 Angus Cavanaugh Principal, University High School
1930-31 Bert Coe Manager, Southern California Edison Co.
1931-32 Ted Dalley Real Estate
1932-33 John Steinbarger WLA Branch Manager, Security-First National Bank (transferred one month prior to the end of his term as president)
June 1933 Floyd Roueche Newspaper editor and publisher (served final one-month of the 1932-33 term after John Steinbarger was transferred)
1933-34 P.G. McDonnell US Army Colonel; President Urban Military Academy
1934-35 T. Edward Lewis Investor; volcanologist
1935-36 George Kingdom First Manager of new Westwood Village Branch, Security-First National Bank
1936-37 Chester E. Howell Attorney at law      
1937-38 Chase Wanglin Insurance
1938-39 Joe Kaplan Professor of Physics, UCLA
1939-40 Marvel Beem DG-1942-43; Physician, Surgeon, Inventor
1940-41 Earle Hilbert Investment Banking
1941-42 Harry Shafor Physician   (passed away one month prior to end of term)
June 1942 Bob Bringham US Army Colonel (finished incomplete term of Harry Shafor, who died)
1942-43 Frank Redman Owner, Redman Van & Storage Co.
1943-44 Sylvan Hansen CEO Dau-Hansen Paint Manufacturing Company
1944-45 Paul Gustafson Principal, Emerson Junior High School 
1945-46 Robert Leonard Sr. Commercial Real Estate 
1946-47 Willis H. Palmer, Jr. Stationery supplies
1947-48 Charles H. Titus DG-1953-54; Professor of Political Science, UCLA
1948-49 Jack W. Evans CEO, Evans & Reeves Company
1949-50 Alvin J. McDaniel Owner, agricultural feed and seed store
1950-51 William F. Baines General Contractor, Wm. F. Baines Company
1951-52 Charlie Shannon Manager Westwood Village Branch of Security First National Bank
1952-53 A.T.(Hap) Gilman Architect 
1953-54 Max S. Dunn       Professor of Chemistry, UCLA
1954-55 Jack Potter       Owner-operator hardware store
1955-56 C. A. Elliot      Dentist
1956-57 Robert Kennedy    Owner-operator, Kennedy&Sears Co.-floor covering
1957-58 Jack Pennell      Owner, Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning
1958-59 Lynn Murdoc       Stock Broker, Merrill Lynch
1959-60 Joe Valentine Manager, Desmonds
1960-61 Russell Grout     Manager, General Telephone Co., lobbyist
1961-62 Joe Bailey        Manager, Westwood Village Branch of Crocker National Bank
1962-63 James A. Collins  Restaurants, Sizzler, Kentucky Fried Chicken
1963-64 Douglas Jones     Owner, Raymond C. Jones Pest Control Company
1964-65 Howard J. Henkes  Jewelry Retail
1965-66 Paul C. Hannum    Campus Business Manager, UCLA
1966-67 John Kuhl         Construction, General Contractor
1967-68 Ernest E. Wolfe, Jr. Travel Service
1968-69 Robert H. Lusk    Advertising Specialties Distributor
1969-70 James G. Hodges Financial advisor, Neil F. Campbell  Co.
1970-71 Donald T. Handy Professor of Kinesiology, UCLA
1971-72 Lowell L. Lauesen Owner, Lauesen Buick Agency, West Los Angeles
1972-73 James B. Downie Redman Van and Storage Co., Property Management
1973-74 Samuel J. Wanous DG-1981-82; Professor of Education, UCLA
1974-75 Yoshio Setoguchi       Professor of Medicine, UCLA
1975-76 Lyman B. Powell Attorney at Law, Labor Law
1976-77 James B. Edwards III Corporate Representative, Chevron  
1977-78 Lewis R. Stroh             Manager YMCA, West Los Angeles  
1978-79 William G. Peplow Owner-operator health foods store, later Manager of Jurgensen's Market in Westwood Village
1979-80 William C. Goodwyn, Jr. DG-1985-86;  Investments
1980-81 Douglas D. Desch Motion Picture Distribution, Walt Disney
1981-82 John R. Singleton Advertising Specialties Distributor
1982-83 Eric L. Loberg Dentistry Orthodontist 
1983-84 Roy R. Belosic Marketing/Communications 
1984-85 Howard B. Siskel Builders Control
1985-86 David L. More Foreign Trade Representative
1986-87 Bill Bloomfield, Jr. Commercial Laundry Equipment, Real Estate
1987-88 Ronald C. Wanglin Insurance
1988-89 David R. Whitehead Owner, Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning
1989-90 Marshall L. Anderson DG-1994-95; Law Enforcement
1990-91 James D. Sumner, Jr.    Professor of Law, UCLA
1991-92 Thomas K. Lenehen       High Rise Building Management
1992-93 Michael F. Newman Attorney at Law, Probate, Personal Injury
1993-94 Christopher H. Gaynor Certified Public Accountant, Tax
1994-95 Stephen E. Scherer   Attorney at Law, Investments
1995-96 Ronald W. Lyster        Attorney at Law, Tax Planning
1996-97 Ralph M. Woodworth Restaurant Management
1997-98 Stephen M. Day          Certified Public Accountant, Tax
1998-99 Homer B. Newman Attorney at Law, Probate
1999-00 Robert B. Wessling Attorney at Law, Corporate
2000-01 Steve Adler             CEO Licensing & Merchandising LMI, Ltd.
2001-02 George L. Dea University Administration, UCLA Theater/Film/TV
2002-03 Theodore P. Ihnen International Investments
2003-04 Peter More Export - Audio Products
2004-05 Rodolfo Alvarez UCLA Sociology Professor
2005-06 Don Nelson Certified Public Accountant
2006-07 Michael Gintz Bank Senior Vice President (City National Bank)
2007-08 Christopher T. Bradford Attorney at Law, Transactions
2008-09 Sean McMillan Attorney at Law, International Law
2009-10 Edwin Gauld Actuary
2010-11 Gordon Fell Certified Public Accountant
2011-12 Edward Jackson Education
2012-13 Dwight Heikkila Retirement Planning
2013-14 Mark Rogo Real Estate Agent
2014-15 Alyssa Shoji Director of Development
2015-16 Colby S. Smith Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
2016-17 Marsha Hunt Independent Television Production
2017-18 Tom Barron Air Cargo
2018-19 Diane Good Nonprofit Administration
7/1/19 to
Paul Aslan Resigned
9/21/19 to 6/30/20 Diane Good Nonprofit Administration
2020-2022 Nancy McCready Private Banking
7/1/22 Chris Gaynor Certified Public Accountant
7/1/23 Steve Day Certified Public Accountant